As recent as this quarter there are now several models of vending machines that have achieved ‘INMETRO’ for sales in Brazil.

INMETRO is short for “Instituto Nacional de Metrologia”, “Normalização e Qualidade Industrial”, or “National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology.” This institute is accredited by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade and cooperates with the Executive Secretariat of the National Council of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality; also known as Conmetro.

Goods imported into Brazil need to pass this important certification in order to be legal for sale. The Alpine Series of glass front merchandisers, including Alpine 5000 Elevator, ST/VT 5000 , ST/VT 3000 and  Combi 3000 cold & frozen food vending machines have all received this valued certification for importation and sales to customers in the Brazilian market. When asked, Jim Chico head of sales for U-Select-It commented “Gaining INMETRO certification allows USI products to reach the important vending distributor and operator base in the Brazilian market where until now we had small business opportunity.”

U-Select-It’s new distributor for Brazil, Thomas Hardtmeier of Maestro Vending based in Sao Paolo, was instrumental in helping work through the process. Maestro Vending has been the leader in payment system technologies for the past 10 years in the Brazil vending marketplace. The USI product range is a natural complement for their offerings.

U-Select-It is a full-line manufacturer of quality vending solutions for snack, cold drink, refrigerated & frozen food, coffee and non-traditional dispensing devices. USI equipment are the best supported, most flexible and feature-rich merchandising platforms equipped with the latest in payment systems and profit building technologies.  For over 80 years our family owned company has been making your business success our priority.

More information can be found at www.uselectit.com