Variety in Healthy Vending Machines


It’s worthwhile to consider why it’s beneficial to offer more than snacks in your vending machines. In a world full of options, it’s important to maintain vending options that correlate with that your customer wants and needs.


Healthier Options

Traditional vending machine snacks are not necessarily the healthiest. This particular option is important if you have vending machines in a school. More and more administrators are requiring that food provided to students is healthier in nature. Sugary snacks can lead to all sorts of health issues, so offering healthier options can propel healthful ideals amongst students and families.


More Variety, Better Options

People like variety. You’re going to miss out on great opportunities for vending if you limit the options available, then you could possibly miss out on sales. Adding variety increases your sales opportunities within your vending machine.


Compare Sales via Testing

Adding healthy varieties in your vending machine allows you to test what does or does not sell. You can use your vending machine to test what your customer likes, and then continue to build upon those items that are selling well.


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