Vending Machine Dreams

I always dreamed of having my own vending machines for sale. Meaning that I would sell the items of the vending machines to my friends and self, and then collect the profits when it was time to refill the machine. I thought it would be so cool to have my own soda vending machine distribute an ice cold Coke when I wanted it, at the touch of a button. It would be like a hot dog machine or a popcorn popper – something that only the insanely rich had, or that you could buy from businesses for a much higher price.

Little did I realize that it doesn’t really make sense to have a vending machine in your home, unless most of what you eat is candy and soda. But that doesn’t mean that vending machines aren’t practical and important – on the contrary: it’s how most Americans satisfy those mid-afternoon hunger pains.

When I’m at work and 3:30 rolls around, I know I can’t last another hour and a half without filling my gullet with at least something. So I take a stroll to the ol’ snack vending machines and choose myself maybe some Ritz crackers, or a Snickers bar, or a bag of chips, and wham, no more hunger, until dinner time, that is.