Vending Machines and the Evolution of Coins


Reach into your pocket, and you will likely pull out a chunk of change consisting of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. You probably do not give these coins much thought, as they are the same classifications of currency you used since childhood. However, what if a brand new coin was introduced into your world that could forever affect the way you use your favorite snack vending machines? The emergence of new types of coins can cause many complications for vending machine owner and user alike, and the issue was recently examined by World Coin News and published on

Titled “Vending Machines and Coins Clash,” the article highlights a new coin that was introduced in Abu Dhabi that is now causing several complications for consumers and business owners. Because many vending machines do not accept the new currency, many people are asking for exchanges which results in a shortage of the standard coinage. We certainly hope that the parties involved in Abu Dhabi can work through this clash of coins.

While it is unlikely we will see a new coin here in the states anytime soon, USelectIt’s snack and drink vending machines are already equipped for the future. Many of our vending machines for sale have cashless transaction functionality, and can be used with innovative iCart software to keep customers coming back.