Vending Machines for the Jet Set

Have you ever been in a super big hurry, about to fly in your private jet to the tropical island that you own before monsoon season hits, and are jonesing for some caviar to take on the flight? Nope, we didn’t think so. But just in case, some Californian caviar connoisseurs have created possibly the highest-end vending machine to ever grace a Westfield Topanga shopping center in Los Angeles. The machines also offer, in addition to fish eyes ranging from $10 to $500 in value, escargot, gourmet salts, truffle oils, and caviar geared towards dogs and cats. The goods are frozen at the optimal temperature, which is great for sanitary reasons but unfortunately means you need to wait 30 minutes to dig in with your complimentary mother of pearl spoon. Yeah, we’re pretty sure this one doesn’t take quarters.

You may not be looking for caviar, but USelectIt does offer several models of vending machines for sale with combined or selected freezing/refrigerating temperature controls. For instance, the Alpine Combi 3000 is our new high capacity standalone cold and frozen food machine that fits through a 32″ doorway, with  refrigerated foods from the top ice cream and other frozen foods from the bottom. While your employees may not be able to indulge their caviar dreams, they will get the best in both meals and snacks, beautifully presented by low-maintenance LED lighting. UselectIt is the most reliable source for all your soda and snack vending machine needs.