Vending Machines with Calorie Counts

As the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, you may be surprised to learn how it affects your vending business. In an effort to make it easier for people to make healthy choices about snacks, the ACA will require that for vending businesses with 20 or more machines all snacks are sold with visible calorie counts. The exact requirements are still being worked out. They are expected to roll out sometime this year; from the time that the changes are announced, vendors will have one year to make upgrades.

The law presents dilemmas for many vending machine owners, as conventional machines can make it difficult to display this information. But, machines with digital displays and touch screens can make complying with the new health care law easy.

If you have a snack or soda vending machine with iCart touch screen already, you can visit our site to upgrade your software with inDEX. This software complies with 2014 standards, which means you and your business will be covered.

If you are investing in new snack vending machines, consider the Alpine ST5000. This model’s simple interface also displays calorie counts. We have a number of other vending machines for sale to meet your snack and drink machine needs.