What Are You Striving for in 2021?

After what seems like the longest year ever, 2021 is finally here. The beginning of the year signals a time in which to make goals for your 2021 vending business. At U-Select-It, we suggest focusing on what your customers crave both in snacks and technology. What does success look like for your business in 2021?

It cannot be stated enough. Cashless vending is something you cannot afford to skip. Cashless payments, such as through Greenlite or PayRange, not only benefit the customer, but they benefit you as well. Cashless payments mean quicker transactions for you and an increase in same-machine sales. By not providing cashless payment options, you are losing sales and possible customers.

Another trend in 2021 that is predicted to increase is more product transparency. This includes more than merely nutrition information. This is storytelling features on the products you are providing. For example, Vending MarketWatch recently produced an article in which brands are using barcodes or a QR code to give background information about where the product came from. Customers may be more drawn to these products if they are included in your vending machine.

Many people saw an increase in their anxiety, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help put people at ease in 2021, consider offering products that prioritize immune health. Snacks and drinks that cater to these needs include dark chocolate, orange juice, yogurt and nuts. Put customers at ease with what you provide through vending. The best part? All of these products can be featured through a variety of U-Select-It vending machines, such as the Evoke ST3 Food Vending Machine, the Evoke 6 Snack Vending Machine and the Evoke Elevator Vending Machine.

U-Select-It is here to help steer you in the right direction in 2021. For more questions about our vending equipment and services, call us at 1-800-247-8709.