What Exactly Is a Micro Market?


There is a lot of discussion in the industry about Micro Markets. We’ve been covering the benefits and disadvantages of micro markets on our blog for some time now, but the question is still looming amongst even the eldest professionals.

Micro Markets are not convenience stores, nor should they be considered one. The offerings of these markets are more limited to a targeted market, consumers, and employees. The types of products offered at a micro market are usually higher-end products, which could carry a low turnover rate, as perishable food becomes expired and has to be trashed. This is an obstacle facing many micro markets today.

Aside from being wasteful, disposing of perishable goods is a burden on financially strapped operators. According to the United Nations Environment Program, only a low percentage of all food waste is composted: much of it ends up in landfills, and represents a large part of municipal solid waste. Methane emissions from landfills represents one of the largest sources of GHG emissions from the waste sector. More and more people are turning to more environmentally friendly ways of distributing foods, while the sentiment to create smaller markets is understood, it is down to the local municipal level to create food distribution centers that are affordable, a key differentiator in micro markets, which are far more specialized and expensive.

The higher costs of the goods sold at micro markets cancels out a large portion of the population that simply cannot afford to buy the specialized perishable goods sold at the micro markets, this in turn can create a substantial amount of waste, and ultimately isn’t helping the greater good.

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