Why Meal Pick-Up Lockers are Trending in 2022 ?

uselectit- Why Meal Pick-Up Lockers are Trending in 2022

The food delivery business has grown in popularity during the last decade. These services of convenience are already changing the way restaurants operate and compete. But this transformation, mighty as it may seem, is just a part of the ever-evolving restaurant industry. In this article, we’ll discuss what meal pickup lockers are and the many ways the technology can enhance the efficiency of restaurant deliveries. 

The rebirth of a concept 

The pickup locker is a concept that has existed for quite some time. It was earlier a system that all ‘automats’ used to sell hot food. Horn and Hardart is one of the most prominent food services that employed this method. Today, Burger King and KFC use this model across various locations. KFC has even dubbed the automated feature the restaurant of the future. Thanks to its contactless nature, pickup lockers have become increasingly prevalent since the pandemic. 

Food lockers allow customers to pick up their favorite orders without any fear of the food getting stale or cold. In other words, it is a locker unit with cubicles that can store food at a specific, customized temperature. The lockers are of various sizes and temperatures, some of which come with UV light that can kill bacteria. You may unlock these lockers in multiple ways, such as a touch screen, pin pad, QR code, or even by replying to a text message. 

At U-Select-It, we design meal pickup lockers based on the specific needs of every customer. With us, you can eliminate any hassle of waiting lines, make your food delivery contactless, enjoy a secure,  tamper-proof experience, optimize your sales volume, have access to real-time data flow and insights, and increase the efficiency of the entire order & supply process. 

Deliveries can be challenging

In an increasingly digital and competitive world, restaurants must elevate their food delivery system to a higher, more innovative standard. The many bottlenecks in today’s pickup and delivery ecosystem – the foremost of which include congested, disorganized pickup areas for the many who wish to pick up their orders en route, are proofs that cannot be ignored. Customers may have to deal with congested standoff areas, longer waiting times, and unhygienic surroundings. Employees of these establishments are already overburdened with different tasks and may have to deal with potential order mix-ups and other delivery responsibilities, leaving them drained in the process. 

But the restaurant industry always finds a way to keep the convenience quotient intact, alluring consumers to come back for more. Meal pickup lockers testify to this.  

What does it bring to the table? 

Meal pickup lockers rose to fame due to their cutting-edge capabilities. Here’s an overview of why this intricately designed technology can enhance the food delivery process of your restaurant business:

Efficiency in food delivery

Meal pickup lockers come with QR codes and other secure unlocking methods to help ensure customers receive their order.  

Don’t keep them waiting

A busy restaurant might have a lot of customers waiting in line to receive their orders. Meal pickup lockers enable customers to skip the queue and enjoy the order whenever they arrive. Customers are not reliant on employees waiting on them. Instead, employees can be more productive without handing out orders when customers arrive. More efficiency in a takeout system can automatically accelerate your sales.

Food, as fresh as it can get

U-Select-It meal pickup lockers are designed with adjustable, insulated cubbies to keep food fresh. We understand how important freshness is to the success of any food service.

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