Wine Vending Machines Hit Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the first American state to introduce wine drink vending machines. These kiosks are in grocery stores, and work after you insert your ID and your driver’s license photo is matched with a picture taken by the kiosk camera.

The drink vending machines also have breathalyzers that require no contact, and give readings to make sure that the buyer does not have a .2 or higher breath alcohol level. The kiosks are open Monday through Saturday from 9 to 9. Because you can’t buy wine at the supermarket in Pennsylvania these kiosks are a way to manage how people buy wine. If these dispensers are successful, the vending machine manufacturer will be called upon to install up to 100 more across Pennsylvania by the fall.

All this technology is pretty cool, but if you really want to make it easier, why not just lift the law that prohibits selling wine in supermarkets, and leave it to the cashiers to determine whether or not someone is inebriated enough to buy alcohol? In many other states, especially out west, wine and liquor can be purchased in supermarkets. I guess we have our Puritan roots to thank for the invention of these modern appliances.