inDEX Product Planogram and Information Management Utility

inDEX Management Utility

The iCart interface comes standard with our inDEX product planogram and information management utility. This webware is designed to simply manage the content on your smart vending machine. inDEX lets you create and manage individual planograms for each machine or standardized planograms for a whole route complete with product information, ad, promotion and messaging content.

Product and Common Machine Settings Management

  • Comprehensive Product Library
    Develop your own library of national brand products including local and regional favorites.
  • Global Database Access
    Supplement your library with products from a global database featuring nutritional information and product images from leading product manufacturers.
  • Remotely Planogram Your Machines
    Each machine can have its own unique product list by selection.
  • Preset Product Prices and Common Machine Settings
    Price your products ahead of upload and preset common machine settings.
  • Video and Static Promotion
    Digital advertising not only engages the consumer, but can increase your same machine sales.

    • Display up to 3 individual rotating videos or static promotions
    • Promote new products and specials for clearing aged product
    • Sell ad space for local or location centric products or services
  • Combo Feature
    • Sell more products by combining and promoting combo sales
    • Up to 5 different combinations

*inDEX is a data access capability. The global database of products, nutritional information, and product images accessed by inDEX is maintained by third-party product manufactures, and USI makes no representation or warranties of accuracy or completeness for this data.