Find the answers to your questions about U-Select-It vending machines and vending solutions. We have some frequently asked questions and answers to help you make the most informed decision for your company when it comes to vending needs.


Tell me about the corporate structure of U-Select-It.

U-Select-It is part of an organization called the Wittern Group. There are 11-member companies are under the umbrella of The Wittern Group including Vendnet, National Vending, Fawn Engineering Corp., Fawn Manufacturing, and Inland Financing.

Where is USI’s equipment manufactured?

USI is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automated dispensing solutions. Using lessons learned from over 90 years in vending, we build our machines in our 500,000 square foot facility located in Des Moines, Iowa. Our sophisticated fabrication techniques and advanced machining ensure our equipment is made with quality and durability. In addition, we have a robust engineering and R&D team that works in the same facility where our equipment is manufactured. This gives us total control over the entire process and ensures you get your machine on time.

Where are your customers located geographically?

USI provides equipment to customers globally. Through our extensive distribution network, we distribute and service equipment globally. Check out our Distributor network to locate a Distributor in your area.

Equipment Specifications

Does your equipment have any certifications and/or approvals?

Most of our equipment is cULus, CE, FCC, CSA and NAMA approved. Please refer to product specifications for listings.

What type of power is required?

Domestically an 110VAC outlet is required, while internationally a 220VAC outlet is required. We strongly recommend that a dedicated outlet be used.

What happens if products hang up and do not fall into the product bin?

Our vendors utilize iVend technology. With iVend, there are light beams crisscrossing the delivery bin. If a falling product does not break the light beams, the coil will continue to inch forward until the product falls into the delivery bin. Once the light beam is broken, indicating a product was successfully delivered to the bin, the coils will stop turning immediately prior to dispensing a second product.

Can equipment purchases be financed?

Yes, USI offers competitive, flexible financing programs though our in-house financing company, Inland Financing. Learn more about our financing options here.

Are there any countries that you cannot ship equipment to?

There are several countries including North Korea and Brazil that USI currently does not ship directly to. In the case of countries such as Brazil, it is possible for USI to work with a third party distributor or importer for an additional cost in order to accommodate customers with locations within restrictive countries.

Support, Service, and Warranty

Whom should I contact if I have any issues with the equipment or technical questions?

Our service and support truly separates us from others in the industry. Through our service partner, Vendnet USI, USI provides 24/7 technical support and has a robust global network of service entities to perform on-site repair and preventative maintenance services. Our equipment has a two-year Limited Parts Warranty.

What does USI’s Limited Parts Warranty cover?

The Limited Parts Warranty covers all the parts installed on the machine. The refrigeration system does have a prorated warranty. These are factory warranties, which is why there is a limited warranty on the parts.

What does USI’s Limited Parts Warranty NOT cover?

The Limited Parts Warranty does not cover freight or the on-site service tech, if one is required. Should you need a new part, you will be charged for the part initially and upon the return of the defective part, a credit will be issued, minus the freight charge.

Why does your Limited Parts Warranty not match the financing terms?

The Limited Parts Warranty is a factory warranty, and may not match the length of your finance terms, which is a separate division of our company.