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Vending machines accepting EBT cards are “The Future”

    Food security is a global issue that is also affecting the United States. Food security refers to families always having physical and financial

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    Why Meal Pick-Up Lockers are Trending in 2022 ?

      The food delivery business has grown in popularity during the last decade. These services of convenience are already changing the way restaurants

      Read More - Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

      Testimonial Of A Wholesaler Of New And Used Vending Machines

        Langley Wholesale Ltd., based in Langley, British Columbia, sells and leases new and used vending machines to fulfill all vending requirements.

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        Driving Revenue and Customer Experience With “Order Ahead”

          The last thing employees want to do is stand in line and wait for food in the middle of their busy day. As a manager, it is the last thing you want

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          5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Branded Vending Machines - USelectit

          5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Branded Vending Machines

            Custom branded vending machines are becoming a common sight these days. Several stakeholders in the vending environment want a share of the walls of

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            NAMA Show - USI

            The NAMA Show Preview – 2022 – U-Select-It

              The NAMA Show 2022 About the show The NAMA Show 2022 is bigger, better, and busier than ever. For those who have missed rubbing shoulders with the

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              USI Blog Covid 19 Test kit - U-Select-It

              COVID-19 Test Kit Vending Machine

                  The newer variants of COVID-19 have forced colleges across the nation to take multiple steps. Many institutions are deferring semester start

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                A truly contactless vending customer experience and its relevance in today’s environment

                  Why should you be interested in contactless vending? Our planet is collectively going digital at a record pace. It was inevitable that the vending

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                  Protecting Your Vending Machine

                    A vending machine is a great way to make extra money at your place of business and provide safe, instant refreshments to your employees, customers,

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                    U-Select-It Financing options

                      A vending machine is a great way to earn a little income on the side when you install it in your place of business. It also offers convenience to

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                      Model 3629 Evoke Elevator Large

                      The 2021 Section 179 Tax Deduction

                        Did you know that with the Section 179 Tax Deduction, you can deduct the full price of new vending equipment? This incentive for business owners

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                        Deliver Meals to Your Locations with Delivery Lockers

                          Provide streamlined, contactless food delivery and pick-up stations with our new Delivery Lockers We are excited to introduce  Delivery Lockers,

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