5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Have a Vending Machine

As many of you already know, having a vending machine in your office, school, or business place is an amazing way to generate additional profit. However, some reasons fly under the radar more than others. Here are five reasons why every company should have a vending machine.

Low Maintenance

High quality vending machines such our machines at U-Select-It means the machines are easy to maintain, with very low overhead costs. Plus, our machines have have been proven to work like new after 10, 15 and even 20 years in the field!

More Productive Employees

Employees are the backbone of any company. Keeping them well-fueled in a convenient fashion is a vending machine’s job, which allows for more productivity out of your staff. Plus, increase the satisfaction of your employees by you can conducting a survey to see what kind of product selections to put in your vending machine.

Flexible Options To Promote Growth

Another benefit of vending machines is the ability to choose what kind of foods you want to put in them. It can be healthy and energizing food and drinks such as granola bars and energy drinks that have been proven to spike productivity in workers, or popular favorites such as candy bars and sodas to keep them coming back! You can test out different kinds of products and see which promote more commerce in the area.

Multiple Types of Vending Machines

You are not just limited to offering snacks in a vending machine. Depending on the type of vending machine, you  may sell multiple different items dependent on your business and what you think will generate profit. This may range from a snacks, cold drinks, refrigerated food,, frozen food, or even office supplies! A wide range of machines that can accommodate a variety of types of products, as well as various packaging shapes and sizes will allow you to capitalize on any quick trends that you see in the market.

Saves Time and Money

Going off-site to buy snacks and beverages for your company is a hassle. A vending machine not only solves that problem, but allows for your employees to stay on-site rather than going outside for “a minute” to get a quick snack or refreshment. This allows for less wasted time, and more savings for you – in addition to increased employee morale.


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