Emergency Vending Machines

Japan is a country well-known for its obsession with vending machines, with vending machine manufacturers creating some of the most unique machines in the world. The country has them just about everywhere and while they are usually used for traditional vending purposes like selling food and beverages, a group in Japan is working to help transform these machines into national-disaster warning and information systems.

For this new system, a Japanese bottling company and the Nippon Television Network plan to install digital signage on vending machines that would display information about the locations of evacuation centers, restrooms and other disaster-related information. The machines would still be able of vending drinks.

This creative solution to spreading information about natural disaster relief is a great use of a resource already prominent in Japan, a country that faces large earthquakes very frequently. Currently, the machines are planned to be installed at gas stations to help commuters stay informed.

USelectIt offers a wide range of vending machines for all types of food, beverages and snacks and we really like the concept of using digital signage at vending machines to transfer news to consumers; whether it is natural disaster relief information, news headlines or promotions and specials for nearby businesses or organizations.