From Ancient Greece to Vending Machines For Sale Online!

The vending industry first started around 215BC when it was said that a Greek Mathematician by the name of Hero got the ball rolling when he invented a machine that actually vended holy water for Egyptian Temples! Wow! The first coin operated machines were introduced in the 1800s in London where the vending machine was used to dispense post cards! A business called Vendorlator Manufacturing Company of Fresno CA made a number of classic vending machines during the 1940s and 1950s that mostly sold coca-cola and Pepsi.

Famous Vendorlators took on the VMC 27 and the VMC 33. Since then, things started to pick up with ALL kinds of vending machines such as the snack vending machines, drink vending machines and soda vending machine. Recently I was watching a show on TV and they even have introduced a vending machine that sells hot delicious food, ready to go – all for under $3! Apparently this is good food too, the store I saw had the vending machine in Manhattan and it literally takes 13 seconds from the time you put the money into the machine til you have the food in hand.

That’s just amazing! You can find a variety of vending machines for sale on our website in order to get your very own Vending business going. You can quite literally have any kind of machine you want with any products you want to disperse! This is becoming a widely used trend among people that wish to make their own money by using the Vending Industry – it’s a multi-billion dollar market, so its no wonder everyone wants to be involved in this!