Herr’s Showcases New Healthy Snack

USelectitIf you operate your own snack vending machine, you should be looking for two things: Delicious treats and healthy foods. Fortunately, thanks to the latest chip selection coming from the iconic Herr’s brand, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both.

As shown off on Vending Marketwatch, Herr Foods Inc. has just shown off their “Good Natured Selects.” Based on the packaging, these multigrain crisps don’t look all that different than your average bag of potato chips. However, the crisps are made from a variety of oats, sesame, caraway, and flax seeds, which all infuse a healthy amount of nutrition within a tasty potato-like chip. This snack is shaping up to be a must-buy for vending machine owners trying to strike that crucial balance of providing popular, tasty snack options while adhering to today’s ever important healthy food standards.

Of course, Herr’s is not the first company to put a healthy spin on today’s potato chips. Lays has been offering baked versions of their snacks for years, and veggie crisps make an excellent alternative to any extra-greasy munchable. With today’s variety, everybody wins, no matter what healthy treat you choose to fill your snack vending machine with this summer!