OK Soda Was Just…. OK

Was it good? Eh. Was it bad? Eh. It was just…OK.

Perhaps that’s why this former inhabitant of drink vending machines never made it: OK Soda Pop.

I mean, I’m not one to judge-a-book-by-its-cover, but how did you expect this to work when the soda’s NAME is literally just OK?

As young children we’re taught to shoot for the stars, never give up on our dreams, always thrive for greatness, and all that motivational yadda-yadda. Apparently the guys who designed OK weren’t raised that way.

It was in 1993 that Coca-Cola revealed OK, a citric tasting coca-cola that was described as a Fruit Punch version of Fresca. The theory behind the name of this former soda vending machines item was that the #2 most recognizable word in the world was “coke”… with the word “OK” being numero uno. So Coca-Cola advertising agent Sergio Zyman (one of the head honchos on the New Coke campaign) had the brilliant idea to name a soda drink after the one word people recognized more frequently than they recognized Coke. Allegedly, Zyman predicted OK would capture 5% of the beverage market instantly.

Well, he was wrong. OK never captured more than 3% of the nation’s beverage market, and the soda pop was cancelled less than a year after its release.