Our Favorite Drink Vending Machines: The Summit 500

Drink Vending MachinesIf you work with drink vending machines on a regular basis, you know how important versatility can be. Your beverage selection is subject to change at a moment’s notice as a result of beverage prices and availability, in addition to the preferences of individual clients.

One week you might need cans of Diet Coke and 24 oz. bottles of Dr. Pepper, whereas later in the year you may have to substitute the latter for 20 oz. bottles of iced tea or juice. You can’t buy a new machine every time your circumstances change, which is why it’s so critical to select a machine that can accommodate a dynamic selection, like the Summit 500.

The Summit 500 can stock ten drinks of a variety of shapes and sizes, including 12 oz. cans and 16, 20, or 24 oz. bottles. You can supply all cans (500 max), all bottles (240 max), or any combination of the aforementioned. It’s this kind of flexibility that makes the Summer 500 a favorite among equipment managers.

Plus, like so many modern vending machines for sale, the Summit 500 comes with a customizable graphic panel perfect for showcasing beverage brands. From head to toe, you can personalize this machine to fit your needs.