Snack Vending Machines For Adults

Back in the day, way back in High School whenever I had a study break I used to stop by the gym where they had the soda and snack vending machines. Back then it was a choice between Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, and Sprite. As for snacks it was mostly chips and cheddar popcorn. And that sufficed at the time because you just needed the sugar high. It got you going through every chemistry class.

Well, when you grow up and go to college you start seeing snack vending machines with much better options. You start seeing vending machines that hold coffee, sports drinks, pastries, and sandwiches. You start realizing that, “Hey. I can make better snacking choices,” which is useful when you work in a sedentary job and you don’t have an option of leaving often for a walk. It still gives you a little boost when you’re feeling tired but it won’t be quite as sugary.

The adult world is very different than the glory of youth. Your metabolism slows down and you need to really work at burning those calories. It’s a great thing that vending machines have grown up with you. Cheers to a nice little break from your strenuous work day!