The Best Locations for Healthy Vending Machines


Healthy snacking is on the rise, consumers are becoming more actively aware of the nutrition content of the food they consume. It’s important to stay current with the market demands for healthy snacking. You can turn your current vending machine into a healthy snack vending machine. Our Evoke Snack 5 vending machine features enhanced merchandising and advanced technology to increase same machine sales and drive operational efficiencies.

Here are 4 locations where healthy vending machines can do great in:

Hospitals: Both staff and visitors at a hospital spend long periods time at a hospital. For anyone who has stayed at a hospital for a long period of time know that the cafeterias are not always open. Having an option for healthy snacking can help give you the comforting energy needed while at a hospital setting.

Shopping Centers: For anyone who has spent a day running errands shopping, they know an appetite can creep on you in the midst of all the running around, especially if you’re shopping with children. Instead of ordering unhealthy fast food, a healthy vending machine option can be a bestseller for shoppers on the go.

College Campuses: Busy schedules call for big appetites, but for many college students finding the time to stop for an actual meal can be difficult. Healthy snacking options that are available 24/7 during long study hours can be a pivotal difference for students. Campuses are a great breeding ground for forward-thinking movements, and healthy snacking is definitely a part of what young people are aware of.

Fitness Studios: Nothing works up an appetite like a workout. After a session in yoga, pilates, or on the treadmill, you want something easy, fast, and smart to eat. Having a vending machine that dispenses smart options that do not defeat the purpose of being in the fitness studio in the first place is a great idea.

Once you have your healthy snacking options set up, take the time to notify your community of the healthy options that are available to them. Include nutrition information that is easily legible, and make signs that highlight the health aspect of the snacks you have available.

Healthy eating, an active lifestyle, and progressive nutrition are becoming more and more popular, take advantage of the movement and set up your healthy vending machine today!  To learn about the U-Select-It vending machines offered, visit our website.