Veggie Vending Machines

When it comes to who has the crazier snack vending machines, the heat is on. Literally. It’s on the heads of lettuce that Japanese vending machines have been churning out for the past few months. According to

“The portable fluorescent garden is on sale for $90,000, with the target market ostensibly being restaurants that want locally manufactured, sun-free vegetables on site.”

I hear that. Who wants veggies that have been exposed to the sun? Blech. I’d much rather eat lettuce that’s been sitting in a big glass and plastic box, urged to life by fluorescent light bulbs. And rainwater? Forget about it! Let’s get this lettuce some Propel.

It looks like veggie snack vending machines are already here in America, but in a much funnier way. We mentioned baby carrots in vending machines before on this blog, but failed to mention how hilariously they’re marketed.

It’s all part of an experiment to see if kids are more likely to eat vegetables that are marketed the way junk food is. And apparently kids actually do buy these snazzy-looking bags of baby carrots, but it’s possible that they’re confused and think they’re buying Funions or Doritos or something.