Wittern Group Makes Headlines

USelectIt.comUSelectit parent company The Wittern Group has been a premier name in the vending industry for decades, so it should come as no surprise that they recently made the news at the Des Moines Register. The article focuses on how the Wittern Group was able to push through recession and create jobs in an industry where they are needed more than ever.

Wittern is a family-owned vending machine business, which allows them to operate differently from the average corporation. While the group had to make some layoffs and budget cuts during the low points of 2008, they have managed to push forward with their own unique strategy. Wittern has adjusted with a focus on the long term, and has managed to increase hiring while taking in bigger sales.

“We have reinvented in ourselves, kept investing in innovation,” said Wittern Group president Heidi Chico.

Thanks to the success of Wittern, USelectIt and various other snack vending machine companies have been able to do great business. The Wittern Group’s success proves that a family business can truly make an impact, even in these unpredictable economic times. USelectIt is proud to be a part of The Wittern Group, and we look forward to seeing the vending machine manufacturers at our company make even more headlines in the future!