New K-Top Coffee Pod Vending Machine Will Save You Money While Keeping People Happy

K-Top Vending Machine - PRCoffee vending machines are a staple in offices, educational institutions and various types of professional environments around the country. Not only do they limit the types of coffee that your employees can have, but they’re also hardly the most time-efficient option out there for getting people the caffeine they need when they need it the most. U-Select-It is poised to change the way you and your workers think about coffee vending machine equipment with the new K-Top Coffee Pod Dispenser.

Manufactured entirely within the United States, this K-Top Coffee Pod Dispenser lets you keep up to 256 different pods on hand at all times. No longer will your employees have to choose only between “regular” and “decaf” – you can keep a bevy of assorted items within arm’s reach at all times to better service their actual tastes and preferences.

You also never have to worry about an employee walking off with coffee pods ever again, as the K-Top machine comes with built-in security and anti-cheat countermeasures designed to prevent theft. The beautiful glass front display lets your employees see all of the items on hand at all times, but it won’t even think about dispensing a pod unless payment has been rendered. Coffee theft isn’t something that you have to worry about ever again, at least if the new K-Top coffee pod vending machine can help it.

Perhaps the most significant feature that the K-Top machine brings to the table is versatility. The onboard software is not only simple and easy-to-use, but it also integrates seamlessly into your current vending business – increasing sales opportunities at the same time. You can see exactly which items are popular and which items are not, allowing you to make the best possible decisions when it comes to purchasing to make sure that you never run out of those popular items – driving revenue as high as it can go.

The best part of all is that the new K-Top Coffee Pod vending machine doesn’t just save you time – it saves you money as a business owner as well. The unit includes energy saving LED lighting to help cut down on your monthly utility bills and even has an exceptionally small footprint – it fits comfortably on any standard 36 inch countertop with 18 inch cabinet to counter spacing. Replace that old, tired coffee pot or even an entire coffee vending machine with something state-of-the-art today; the K-Top Coffee Pod Dispenser.