Pizza from a Vending Machine?!

No, don’t expect pizza from one of our snack vending machines. But you can expect this new vending machine to debut here in the U.S. thanks to Amsterdam-based company A1 Concepts. The company began distributing the Italian-created machine in Europe three years ago. $5.97 will buy you a 10.5-inch pizza –choices including margherita, pepperoni, ham, and bacon. Supposedly the dough is made fresh and assembled to order, all in under 3 minutes. Pizzas are cooked quickly thanks to infrared ovens.

Stock is controlled through internet connectivity of the machine and each machine holds ingredients for 200 pizzas. There’s no need to eat the entire pizza as one giant slice either. A separate slot dispenses a pizza cutter and napkins. People watching their weight should note each pizza is about 676 calories and has 22.6 grams of fat. But it is pizza after all. You’re not eating it for your health. People looking for a late night snack will probably scout their neighborhood for their treat.

As we’ve highlighted before, there are many interesting vending machines for sale across the country. From fresh cupcakes to machines that interact with the user. Be on the look out for these new machines and check out the video below to see how it works.