PUSH-IT Named a 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards Product of the Year by Automatic Merchandiser

PUSH-IT, by U-Select-It, allows operators to increase profitability by vending larger, high-margin products.


U-Select-It Inc. is pleased to announce that PUSH-IT has been named a 2020 Readers’ Choice Product of the Year in the Equipment category by Automatic Merchandiser. Readers were asked to choose their favorite products in the convenience service industry. Over 450 votes were cast with the winning products demonstrating ingenuity and excellence in catering to the customers’ desires.

PUSH-IT allows for greater capacity per selection and is adaptable to a wide variety of premium products, including different types, sizes, weight and form factors. It allows operators to increase profitability by vending larger, high-margin products, while also creating operating efficiencies.

“The PUSH-IT tray system is a prime example of USI responding to our clients’ needs to better merchandise product while allowing for flexible, easy re-configuration in-field and providing operational efficiencies,” said Jim Chico, Vice President, Global Sales at U-Select-It. “With PUSH-IT, clients can instantly change selection configuration width at no expense and with no additional parts required. In addition, the absence of coils dramatically speeds up restocking, increasing productivity.”

Pushing up to 15 pounds per selection or 30 pounds with paired devices, PUSH-IT is a strong and durable and can accommodate a wide variety of products. Additionally, it provides a quicker restocking process than coils and eliminates any missed or empty slots that occur during the restocking process.

Give customers what they crave with a more inviting product merchandising experience. With PUSH-IT, customers have the ability to see the full products face on with no tilt or label obstruction. Customers have a full-on view of products and can easily see the full front product label.

To see PUSH-IT in action click HERE.  For more information on the PUSH-IT tray delivery system or any other U-Select-It products, please contact U-Select-It by calling 1-800-247-8709 or visit https://uselectit.com/.