The Many Cancelled Flavors of Mountain Dew

We’ve written on this blog before about some of the items you can no longer find in drink vending machines. From New Coke to Fruitopia, the list of sodas that have been discontinued is long and depressing for the fans of sugary carbonated good-ness.

And while one of the most successful sodas of all time, Mountain Dew, continues to come out with new and exciting products (this year it’s Mtn Dew White Out), perhaps no fountain drink has had more discontinued flavors than the spin-offs of the Dew.

Here are just a hand-full of examples, some of which I can honestly say I don’t even remember ever seeing in a soda vending machine:

Diet Mountain Dew Ultraviolet – Discontinued this year, this lavender-colored moved-berry flavored soft drink was branded as zero calorie Dew. It’s run lasted a whopping three months.

Mountain Dew Supernova and Mountain Dew Revolution – Supernova was magenta colored with a strawberry-melon flavor. Revolution was white colored and wild berry fruit flavored. Supernova and Reolution were the two “candidate flabor” finalists for the DEWmocracy People’s Dew challenge, both losing to Mountain Dew Voltage.

Mountain Dew Red – Cancelled back in 1988, this fruit-flavored Dew was the first Mountain Dew flavor variation.