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Serving Southern California, Arizona and Nevada and providing vending services to a location near you.
Experience in the Industry
First Class Vending has been in the industry for over almost 30 years and has worked with USI for 20 of those years.
Great Customer Service
First Class Vending receives very few complaints, which result in happy customers.
Extensive Parts Portfolio
Parts are still available for older machines, meaning machines don’t need to be immediately replaced.
About First Class Vending
First Class Vending is the largest vending service providers in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.
Whatever industry you are in, the only thing constant is change. The vending industry is no different, so when First Class Vending began their rapid growth nearly 30 years ago, Matthew Marsh knew that it was time to look for an additional vending equipment supplier to help grow his business.
Rapid Growth
First Class Vending experienced rapid growth through acquisitions and the deployment of an experienced sales team, which led to the need to a vending equipment supplier that could quickly scale and support their growth.
A Need to Innovate
Marsh realized that without innovation and working with forward thinking companies who don’t think outside the box, First Class Vending wouldn’t be able to grow as easily.
Importance of Reliability
U-Select-It provides reliable machines that last for years, ensuring that the equipment used is always top-notch.

“About 25 years ago, we started acquiring other companies,” stated Marsh. “As we did acquisitions and we grew, we were acquiring different machines from different companies. I learned about and was introduced to the USI line at the time.”

As First Class Vending grew, it was apparent that they would need to find a reliable equipment supplier that could meet their needs to scale quickly and with quality equipment. As they began to look into other vending equipment suppliers, one of the most important things that they looked for was innovation and companies that think outside of the box. In Marsh’s words, “If we didn’t think outside of the box, we wouldn’t be as successful as we have been.”

“USI actually listens if we have an issue or concern. They are willing to think out of the box, from one family business to another family business,” Marsh says.


Marsh also noted that, although their company started smaller than some of the others that USI worked with, USI treated First Class Vending as if we were their only customer, giving us First Class Service.

“USI actually returns phone calls, helps with growing pains, helps with financing and tries to help a vendor become successful. Some of our suppliers just sell you the product and drop it at the door. USI would sell us a product, drop it at the door and then help us bring it into the door.”

  • Built a 25-year relationship with USI
  • First Class Vending has gone to exclusively USI on new snack machine purchases.
  • Ability to become innovators in the vending industry.

“Overall, USI is a solid company,” says Marsh. “The management team is not afraid to reach out to the customers and they are accessible.”

Marsh is excited to introduce some of USI’s recent innovations such as the shopping cart feature and UVend Technology, which kills or inactivates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria through UV light sanitization technology. Marsh believes that these innovations are critical to the continued growth of his business.

Over the last few years, First Class Vending has experienced strong sales and looks forward to continued growth in the future.

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