Refrigerated Food/Beverages and Frozen Food

Alpine 5000 Elevator

The Alpine 5000 Elevator fresh food vendor solves operational inefficiencies by delivering your products in an efficient, gentle manner through its patented elevator delivery system.

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Alpine ST/VT5000

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of vending machines, the Alpine ST/VT 5000 offers up to 50 unique selections of refrigerated food and beverages.

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Alpine ST/VT5000 Outdoor

Outdoor and high-risk indoor locations are demanding, yet many times very profitable locations for operators. With the Alpine ST/VT 5000, outdoor vendors can have peace of mind while providing consumers at travel centers, schools, and lightly supervised areas with food and drink options.

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Alpine Combi 3000

When it comes to providing locations with frozen meals and deserts there are few solutions as versatile as the Alpine Combi 3000.

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Alpine ST/VT3000

The Alpine ST/VT3000 is a versatile food and drink vendor for sandwiches, chips, candy, dairy products, cold beverages and packaged meals.

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