Product Merchandising

Soft Elevator Delivery
Eliminate drop damage with the soft elevator delivery of food and beverages. The elevator lift for the soft delivery of products allows you to vend salads, bottled and canned beverages, yogurt parfaits, and other fragile items from trays that would not be possible from a traditional gravity drop machine.
Push-It Tray Delivery System Option
Increase profitability by vending larger and higher margin products with this versatile push style tray. Switch out up to 3 trays with standard coil equipped FLEX controlled models. Comes with 4 Left and 1 Right Push Modules.
Live Product Display with LED Lighting
No hassling with finding the correct flavor label when you change product in the Summit 500 cold drink merchandiser. Simply place one of the products in the live display and you're done!
LED Showcase Lighting
Enhances product presentation and promotes sales 10% or more.
High Capacity Can / Bottle Tray
This patented gravity fed design lets you supply fast moving 12 oz. canned beverages and lower your trips to your machine for restock. Each selection holds 25 cans. Alpine ST or VT5000 (6 Selections - 150 can total capacity) Alpine ST or VT3000 (4 Selections - 100 can total capacity)
Flex Shelf Technology
USI vendors feature the most versatile trays on the market with features that make a difference in your bottom line.
  • Tilting shelves for easy loading
  • Quick change motors and dividers for in-field reconfiguration
  • Adjustable snack and candy selections
Versatile Steel Beverage Tray
Adds extra versatility to your Alpine merchandisers to vend a wide variety of beverage packages not normally accomodated with stack vendors including boxed and pouch or Tetra style containers. 9 Selection Standard (54 items capacity) Alpine ST/VT5000 and Elevator Models. 10 Select Optional (60 items capacity) Alpine ST/VT5000 and Elevator Models. 6 Select Standard (36 item capacity) Alpine ST/VT3000 Models Only.
Single Motors for Motor Pairing
Enables pairing two motors together for dispensing wide products.
Custom Tray and Coil Configurations
USI is able to custom configure your tray configuration to meet your specific merchandising needs. Consult your distributor.
High Capacity Split Coils for Candy, Gum and Mint
Splitting coils for thin products lets you double the capacity of a selection supply fast selling products like gum and mint,roll candies, candy bars and other thin items. Each coil holds 30 items.
Gum & Mint Tray
Add extra capacity to your Mercato 4000 and 5000 snack merchandisers with this additional tray. Dispenses blister pack gum, rolled mints and even popular energy shots.
7th Full-Size Tray Option
Available on Evoke Snack 6 this full-size tray option allows greater product selection and capacity featuring all the features you need including paired motors, dual coil and single coil selections.