Alpine Combi 3000

Alpine Combi 3000


When it comes to providing locations with frozen meals and deserts there are few solutions as versatile as the Alpine Combi 3000. It’s many machines in one. Depending on your location needs, it can provide all fresh food, all frozen meals and deserts, or a combination of refrigerated and frozen at the same time. No other machine on the market has this capability.

The compact footprint of the Alpine Combi 3000 allows it to move easily through most entryways.  And despite it’s small footprint, the Alpine Combi 3000 has a high product capacity of up to 540 items and 36 unique product selections. Plus, the Alpine Combi 3000 is easily convertible in-field to fully refrigerated or fully frozen.

Standard Features

Quality and Service
2 Year Limited Parts Warranty
Safety and Security
Health Safety Feature
Safety and Security
Door Switch
Safety and Security
Heated Glass
Branded Storefront
Standard Changeable LED Backlighted POS Window
Controls and Payment Systems at ADA Levels
Product Merchandising
Payment Systems
Coin Mech and Bill Validators
Eco-friendly Insulation Process
Power Managment Programming

Optional Features

Safety and Security
Outdoor High Security Package
Branded Storefront
Front Kick Panel Option
Branded Storefront
Custom Paint Colors
Control Systems
Full Sales and Accounting Features
Control Systems
USB Software Upgrades and DEX Downloads
Audio Interface for Sight Impaired Operators
Product Merchandising
Custom Tray and Coil Configurations

Product Specs

SpecificationsAlpine Combo 3000 Cold/Frozen
SelectionsUp to 36 items
Standard Capacity320 Items, Configurable up to 540
Payment SystemsAll Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Data CommunicationDEX/UCS


Domestic:  115 VAC/60Hz, 13 AMPS

International:  230 VAC/50Hz, 6.5 AMPS

Refrigeration5/8 HP, R-404a System
Height72” (183 cm)
Width29.5” (75 cm)
Depth38” (97 cm)
Ship Weight*680 lbs. (308.4 kg)

*Varies with tray configuration and options.

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