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Long-Lasting Equipment
Once machines are placed, the likelihood of a service call is unlikely.
Strong Support
Customers continue to return to Langley Wholesale Ltd., as a result of excellent customer service.
Langley Wholesale Ltd. has worked with educational institutions to implement machines equipped with UVC light sanitization.
About Langley Wholesale Ltd.

Located in Langley, B.C., Langley Wholesale Ltd. sells and leases new and used vending machines to
meet all of your vending needs.

In addition, Langley’s vendor operator customers do not want to experience frequent equipment breakdowns resulting in lost sales opportunities and costly repairs.

“It’s about the experience the customer is going to have,” starts McLaren. “If they have a great experience, they are going to come back for more.”

When evaluating vending equipment suppliers, quality is the main thing Nick McLaren, President of Langley Wholesale Ltd., looks for. As with any business owner, the last thing he wants to worry about is a poor customer experience, as the more time he has to deal with repairs, the less time he is able to spend looking for new business.
Low Quality Equipment
Providing low quality equipment to customers reduces the likelihood of repeat sales and time spent fielding service calls rather than generating new business.
Low Price Equipment
Equipment with a low cost upfront, typically ends up costing Langley Wholesale Ltd. and the customer more money in the long run.
Lack of Visibility
Without visibility to their vending equipment, Langley Wholesale Ltd. does not know if a machine is operating at its full capacity, leading to little or no machine sales.

One of the things that has helped companies like Langley Wholesale Ltd. grow is the support from the U-Select-It sales team that goes beyond the sale of the machine.

McLaren says, “Sales reps will come up and go on sales calls with me and have helped me out with some of the larger customers. It’s nice to get to know who you are talking to on the USI side.”

While it is important to McLaren to give customers a good experience, he expects the same from U-Select-It.

“I had an issue with a machine, which happen extremely infrequently with USI equipment,” explained McLaren. “I called the factory and got right through to engineering. A senior engineer walked me through what the problem was, even though it was closing time on a Friday afternoon. I wasn’t anticipating for the parts to go out until Monday, but he went into the factory, grabbed the part I needed and dropped it off at UPS on his way home. I had the part Monday morning.”


If one is starting out in the vending industry, McLaren has a simple piece of advice.

“I would buy new equipment and buy USI equipment. A lot of my time at the beginning was spent fixing old vending machines that weren’t working as well. You won’t get the good accounts because they won’t put up with a 15-year-old machine that breaks down all the time.”

When asked about his relationship with USI, McLaren said that he considers a lot of people at USI his friends. He can pick up the phone and call, travel to Des Moines or go to shows and pick up where he left off.

  • Created a reputation of providing reliable, quality vending equipment.
  • Given customers the same excellent experience that U-Select-It has given them.
  • Built a strong relationship with the U-Select-It team.

As for business goals for the future, McLaren keeps it simple: Sell more vending machines.

“We have equipment that works very well and happy customers that are going to come back for more.”

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