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Long-Lasting Equipment
Some of the USI equipment sold by SVS 27 years ago is still in operation.
Strong Support
If a question does arise, USI is quick to answer, so the customer never has to skip a beat.
Working with USI means that you are going to get easy-to-use, innovative equipment.
About Southeastern Vending Services

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, Southeastern Vending Services (SVS) is a distributor of new and used vending equipment, as well as a national service center for vending components.

“I always had an interest in the (vending) business, but my dad didn’t want me to get into his business on his coattails,” said Frye.

Similar to USI, for many companies in the convenience services business, vending is a family affair. Take Mike Frye, Sales Manager at Southeastern Vending Services, for example. His father worked in the industry for 52 years. Now, with 27 years under his belt, Frye has made a name for himself in the industry.
Strong Supplier Preferences
Persuading operators who had used other equipment suppliers for years to try USI equipment.
Equipment Quality
To build a solid reputation, Frye recognized he needed to provide not only quality equipment, but find a supplier that offers more than just equipment.
Close-Knit Industry
As a relatively small industry, vending is relationship-based. It was important to build knowledge and credibility.

“Despite USI’s long history, when I first started in the business, the USI equipment brand was not as well known as it is today,” started Frye. “The equipment was – and still is – excellent. There was a lot of innovation and it is simple to use.”

Frye had the opportunity to visit USI’s manufacturing plant a few times and learn from Art Wittern and Chip Wittern, the son and the grandson of the founder of USI’s parent company, The Wittern Group, as well as other distributors. Building this relationship with the Wittern Family produced a new opportunity for Frye: employment.

For eight years, Frye worked for USI, learning the ins and outs of the vending industry. He worked closely with distributors understanding their needs, as well as telling the story of USI equipment and what makes it stand out from other equipment.


After eight years, Frye returned to SVS, equipped with new knowledge to help him sell vending equipment with confidence. He was able to connect with distributors who primarily utilized other brands of equipment suppliers who, in the past, said that they would never sell USI equipment because they did not believe in it. Frye was eventually able to convince some of those distributors to purchase USI equipment, thanks to his experience with USI, along with financing tools and innovative vending equipment offered by the USI line.

“I was able to go work for USI and pick up what they were doing. Now, I can play their own game and I’ve got the quality equipment to do that.”

    • Grow the reputation of U-Select-It vending equipment.
    • Build and retain partnerships, due to reliable equipment.
    • Breakthrough the industry, with the help of USI.

“There’s a lot of good vending equipment built in this country,” says Frye. “But it’s all how it’s supported on the backside. I know if I have a problem, it’s going to be taken care of. That’s what’s truly important.”

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