Case Study

Introduction of Vending Equipment
Brought vending machines to the island of Antigua
Great Customer Service
Jason was able to provide vending expertise to aspiring vending operators, thanks to support from USI.
Increased Word-of-Mouth Advertising
Many vending locations are seeking Jason out for services, instead of the other way around.
About HAVASNAK Vending
Jason Edmund began HAVASNAK Vending in 2010 when he couldn’t find a late-night snack from a vending machine to satisfy his cravings. He has since brought vending to Antigua and is hoping to expand to other islands. Antigua is known for beautiful beaches and scenery. They are not, however, known for vending machines. In 2010, Edmund gained interest in the vending industry and decided to be a part of it after noticing a need in his very own apartment building.
It seems like no matter where you look in the United States, there is a vending machine in every corner. That is not, however, how it is in the rest of the world. Jason Edmund, the “Machine Man” and CEO of HAVASNAK Quality Vending Services, is looking to change that.
Lack of Offerings
Brought vending machines to the island of Antigua
Few Locations
Vending machines are not as common in Antigua and the surrounding islands, as they are in the United States.
Since Edmund was new to the vending industry, he needed guidance from others in the vending industry to get started

“I moved back to Antigua from Washington, D.C.,” said Edmund. “Late one night, I was craving a snack and really wanted a Honey Bun. I remembered buying Honey Buns from the vending machines in college and thought, I don’t see any machines here in Antigua. I made a few calls and asked some friends if they were any vending machines and they said no. So, I took to Google and started my research.”

When deciding on what company to work with, it came down to two companies, with U-Select-It being one of them. There was one thing that set USI apart, however: customer service.

“USI gave me a lot of resources and a lot to look over and consider,” said Edmund. “Overall, I just felt more comfortable with USI.”


While the quality customer service was the deciding factor for Edmund to choose U-SelectIt, the quality equipment is what has kept him coming back over the past decade. The machines work great, but, more importantly, they perform great as well. Edmund admits that vending can be labor intensive, something he often tells people who are just starting in the industry. U-Select-It’s easy-to-use equipment, however, makes it easier.

“My favorite USI machine is the combo machine. They are so attractive and versatile. They sell drinks, snacks and candy all in one machine. Because of this, I now have locations reach out to me for machines, instead of me reaching out to them.”

  • Introduced vending to the island of Antigua.
  • Worked with other individuals looking to join the vending industry from Peru, Panama, St. Kitts and beyond.
  • Locations contact Edmund for machines, instead of him having to seek locations.

In the future, Edmund hopes to grow his vending business into St. Kitts, St. Lucia and other islands in the Caribbean. Additionally, he aspires to continue to help others join the vending industry in hopes that they will have as much success as he has had.

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