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An entrepreneurial vending, office refreshment and innovative food concept company servicing customers throughout Upstate New York

Smooth Operation
All equipment goes through quality checks prior to being shipped out to customers.
Few Service Calls
When compared to other manufacturers, Servomation receives fewer service calls with USI equipment.
Easy-to-Use Machines
With new drivers always coming through the door, it is essential that machines are easy-to-use for everyone
About Servomation Refreshments, Inc.

Servomation utilizes the latest in vending equipment and payment technologies to provide the very best vending experiences.

“Oftentimes, we put in large orders,” said Brian Bruno, President of Servomation Refreshments, Inc. “Not a lot of manufacturers can handle 200, 300, 400 machine orders. U-Select-It meets our deadlines and the machines come in exactly how we expect them to.”

In order to have a successful, large-scale vending operation, you have to have a vending manufacturer who will work with you in every aspect of your vending business, not just on building machines. Servomation Refreshments, Inc. needed a manufacturer who was not just another machine supplier, but a partner that would provide flexibility and quality equipment on time.
Low-Quality Equipment
Before USI, most of Servomation’s equipment fleet was low-cost equipment sourced from overseas.
Shortage of Large-Scale Manufacturers
There were issues finding manufacturers that would meet the demands of Servomation.
Lack of Flexibility
Servomation needed a manufacturer that would help meet their delivery needs for their operation to run smoothly

When he first started Servomation Refreshments, Inc., Bruno did not have any allegiances to a manufacturer. It was not until the won some large contracts that the contact was made with U-Select-It. From there Bruno was invited to Des Moines, Iowa to take a tour of the manufacturing plant and see the equipment manufactured.

“I was blown away with the process and how clean it was. The process they go through and some of the quality checks they do on the equipment was really impressive to me,” explained Bruno. “Most impressive to me, however, was how the equipment holds up in the field.”


U-Select-It prides itself in manufacturing its equipment in the United States. When compared to other manufacturers, Bruno noticed one big difference.

“When you compare to other manufacturers that we have in our catalog, we get fewer service calls with USI.”

Bruno is always hiring new drivers for Servomation, so having equipment that is easy to use is important to him.

“Older machines can be cumbersome,” says Bruno. “Newer machines, such as USI’s Evoke models, have the touchscreen capability that is self-explanatory. We are definitely going to continue to expand with that model.”

Ability to Scale
USI has the ability to scale in order to satisfy large equipment orders.
Not Your Typical Supplier
USI provides a partnership, not simply a transactional-based relationship.
High-Quality Equipment
Reduced service calls results in decreased downtime and overall expenses.

The three things that are important to Bruno are relationships, integrity and trust.

“USI has always committed and done exactly what they said they were going to do. That means the world to me,” adds Bruno.

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