PayRange Mobile Payment System

With over 500,000 fielded devices, PayRange is one of the largest and fastest growing mobile payment options for vending locations. PayRange is a standard onboard feature for all Evoke merchandisers.

PayRange converts traditional cash and coin transactions into safe and secure mobile payment options. The PayRange mobile app assists customers who want to use VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH, EBT, Apply Pay or Google Pay to make safe and secure purchases from your machine.

It takes just a few seconds for a customer to get setup with the PayRange app.

1) Download App from Apple or Google
2) Create PayRange Account
3) Swipe, Select and Pay!

Why PayRange?

Operators can use PayRange to engage customers with promotions and loyalty programs. They can also track sales and see real-time analytics to make informed business decisions.

PayRange is one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America, and is helping many people make simple, safe and secure transactions with their mobile device.

In addition to being a standard onboard feature on all USI Evoke machines, PayRange has a family of hardware that can enable virtually any vending machine, in addition to laundry, amusement, kiosk and parking machines.