Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator

The Evoke Elevator All Drinks Vending Machine with 7 inch display from U-Select-It


With the latest in vending technology and the sleek stylings of Evoke merchandisers, the Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator offers features that you cannot find anywhere else in the market. With up to 40 unique product selections and configurable trays, this merchandiser offers maximum product versatility like you have never seen before. The Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator features a soft delivery elevator and large delivery bin, allowing you to vend fragile beverages with various product packaging sizes and shapes, such as boxed drinks, cans and bottles. Additionally, it offers optimal product rotation through First-In-First-Out (FIFO) loading.

With one of the largest merchandising windows on the market and enhanced LED lighting, the Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator offers maximum product visualization. As with all Evoke merchandisers, the Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator features a soft coat, heated glass that is ideal for high-humidity locations and is health safety programmable by selection, range or row.  

The Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator is easy to use, as it is fully ADA compliant and features an ergonomic user interface. It features iVend guaranteed product delivery. If a product does not vend correctly the first time, the customer will get their money back and try again for the same product or try a completely new product. 

Standard to the Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator is a 3.5” full-color display with a Braille backlit keypad. The display allows operators to display pricing information and nutritional information in compliance with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Rule. The 3.5” display can be upgraded to the 7” full-color touch screen display. This upgrade offers a shopping cart mode to purchase up to three items in one transaction, as well as product browsing capabilities. Finally, the 7” full-color display offers dynamic advertising potential for static and video content.

A variety of optional features can be added to the Evoke Cold Beverage 5W Elevator. Add an optional card reader that accepts debit and credit cards and mobile wallets to ensure you do not miss out on potential sales due to limited payment options.

Product Specs

Specifications Evoke Elevator Refrigerated Merchandiser
Selections Up to 40 items
Capacity Varies with tray configuration
Payment Systems All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
Data Communication DEX/UCS
Electrical Requirements Domestic: 115 VAC/60Hz, 8 AMPS
International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 4 AMPS;
With Heated Glass Option: 115 VAC/60Hz, 9 AMPS
International: 230 VAC/50Hz, 4.5 AMPS
Refrigeration Super 1/3 HP, R134a or R-513a Closed System
Height 72” (183 cm)
Width 41” (104 cm)
Depth 38” (97 cm)
Ship Weight *831 lbs. (376.9 kg)

*Varies with tray configuration and options.

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