A Vending Machine Nightmare: My Snack is Stuck

snack vending machinesIt’s been hours since I’ve eaten. I’ve been stuck up at the registers ringing nonstop. All I want right now is a delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to satisfy my craving and hold me over until dinner. My manager finally lets me take a 15 minute break. I run to the snack vending machines in the back, a crisp $1 firmly grasped in hand (I don’t bother with wrinkled dollars anymore!) and I insert my money. I push B3 and my eyes light up as I await the drop of peanut butter goodness.

And then it happens, my worst nightmare comes true: my candy is stuck! I scream and shout and kick the vending machine. Why me? I already know the pain of trying to reach my arm into the snack vending machine so that is not an option. My plan of action? To ram into the machine from the side. Most people think banging the front of the machine will work, but oh no. That is a fool’s errand! The key is force from the side of the machine. My right side begins to ache and I’ve realized I’ve wasted 10 minutes of my break thumping on a machine. My last resort is to insert another dollar and pray that two candies drop.

I admit defeat. Vending machine – 1, Me – 0.