About the Wittern Group

USelectItWhether you are a frequent USelectIt customer or just bought your first snack vending machine from us, you may have noticed that USelectIt.com is part of a larger collective called The Wittern Group. What exactly is the Wittern Group, you ask? Let us take a step back in time, to almost a century ago.

The Wittern Group was founded in 1931 by vending innovator Francis Arther Wittern. Born in 1900 and raised in Iowa, Wittern developed a passion and talent for crafting mechanical devices at a very young age. At only 16, he developed a practical patent for an underwater magnet mine. After years of working as an engineer, Wittern developed his first vending devices in 1931 under the name of Hawkeye Novelty. What began as the creation of basic peanut and matchbox dispensers gradually evolved into an innovative business that built drink vending machines, popcorn vendors, and various types of merchandise. The latest evolution of the Wittern brand is happening as we speak, as Francis’ original creative vision has grown into an umbrella of trusted vending machine businesses, including eVending, Vending.com, and the folks right here at UselectIt.

If the Wittern Group’s history is not enough to have you feeling confident about our products, just take a firsthand look at our vending machines for sale. Built with modern technology with both customer and operator convenience in mind, our products are backed by a long-standing commitment to quality.