Coffee Trends You Can’t Ignore

The cool fall and winter months are just around the corner and your customers are going to crave hot beverages to keep them warm, which can be accomplished to Hot Beverage merchandisers, such as the Geneva Coffee machine. In order for you to cater to your customers, it is essential you know what they want. Automatic Merchandiser has recently published results of a survey done by the National Coffee Association (NCA), revealing the 2020 coffee trends, which we have broken down for you.

Where You Live Matters

In its report, the NCA breaks the United States into multiple regions, each of which has a different preference when it comes to coffee. For example, those who live in the Northeast, where the weather is always changing, prefer to consume dark roast, decaf and espresso-based beverages. Other places, where it remains mostly warm year-round, are not as interested in warmer beverages. Those on the west coast prefer gourmet coffee and cold brew beverages. In the south, people are more likely to consume frozen blended coffee than those who live in the Northeast.

Who is Consuming Coffee?

Knowing the demographics of your vending location is crucial to understand what products you should be providing for your customers. When it comes to the type of coffee consumed, according to the NCA, Millennials are more likely to consume frozen or blended coffee than other age groups. It also found that 22% of Millennials drink express at least once a week. Seniors, on the other hand, drink at least one cup of traditional coffee per day and only 7% drink espresso weekly. 

What Kind of Coffee is the Most Popular?

According to the NCA, cold brew is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to grow in popularity, with 20% of Gen Z and Millennials drinking it at least weekly. In addition to cold brew beverages, espresso-based drinks have received a 50% boost in consumption. The three most popular express-based drinks include cappuccino, latte and frozen blend coffee. Traditional coffee has seen a decrease over the past 5 years. 

As a vending machine owner, it is essential to understand what your customers crave. Frozen drinks, cold brews and hot beverages can be provided to customers through a number of machines including the Geneva Coffee, Alpine Combi 3000 and the Evoke Elevator. To find out more about these merchandisers, or other vending merchandisers by USI, contact us at 1-800-247-8709.