Drink Vending Machines: the Can or the Bottle?

I love drink vending machines. Every time I see one I get distracted, fishing for a dollar to get a cold, refreshing soda. But often when given the choice of both a can or bottle, I have a hard time deciding. Which is really the best?

The can is great when you don’t want a full 20 oz. Sometimes, that’s a lot of soda. I also noticed certain flavors taste, well, better from a can. I can’t explain it, but a can of Dr. Pepper tastes far more intense than a bottle ever does. Cans are tiny and compact, yet they do the job of satisfying my thirst. They are also cheaper, so much better when you are fishing around for change and are just short of a dollar.

But bottles are bigger and can be re-sealed. How many times have you walked around with a can of soda, not wanting to finish it just yet but with no where to put it for safe keeping without it spilling all over the place? Bottles give you the option to tuck it away for later.

The next time I cross path with drink vending machines, this debate will go over in my head. Either way though, I’ll have a satisfying drink in hand shortly.