Healthy Vending – Practice What You Preach

Healthy Vending Awareness

Vending machines located in the Franciscan Alliance hospitals are getting a “health” makeover, and they aren’t the only company following suit. Many organizations and companies that preach health such as hospitals and wellness centers are now monitoring their vending machine content more closely to reduce the prevalence of unhealthy food options in their place of business.

How is the vending machine industry effected?
Vending machine operators who own 20 or more vending machines are now required to disclose caloric content information regarding their vending machine products, this according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The change was brought about by the Affordable Care Act and is aimed to educate consumers about healthier snack and food options.

How will the contents of vending machines be altered?
Many vending machine owners are acquiescing to their clients’ and the government’s requests and providing more nutritional information about their products. This doesn’t meant that chips and sodas will be forced out totally. It just gives the consumer all the information they need to make an educated decision regarding their diet. If consumers still want a bag of chips, they will still be able to acquire one, they will just be informed of the caloric content of the product at the time of purchase.

Healthy vending is a trend that will likely only grow. After all, the whole country is determined to reduce unhealthy food options for children as well as adults. The options for snacks and drinks in locations that preach wellness are more focused on health and for good reason. After all, they have to practice what they preach, or in this case, at least offer what they preach.