Hot and Odd Vending Beverages

Fall is fast approaching and that means our food and drink cravings will start changing from cool iced teas and light, fresh dishes to hot chocolates, warm beverages and anything with “pumpkin spice” in its name. A new product from Coca-Cola is set to be released in Japan and to start hitting soda vending machines in late October called the Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale.

Hoping to take advantage of everyone’s love of hot drinks in cold weather, Coca-Cola has worked with a company called Hot Can Inc. to develop a drink that is hot and carbonated. The process took four years to develop and the fruit of this hard work can be yours for 120 yen.

According to Hot Can Inc.,”The heat-activation process works like this: The double-chambered aluminum Hot Can contains the beverage or soup in its outer chamber, and a mix of water and calcium oxide in its inner chamber. When activated, the water and calcium oxide mix, causing an exothermic reaction that heats the beverage. A polypropylene outer shell insulates the beverage for about 45 minutes and protects the hands from burns.”

Hot and carbonated canned-beverages would definitely be an interesting addition to drink vending machines!