New Vending Machine Keeps Bar Patrons Fresh

USelectItWhen you hear the terms “vending machine” and “bar” mentioned in the same sentence, you likely imagine a slightly intoxicated patron fumbling wildly for change so that they can purchase the last bag of Munchos on the block. And while there is always a time and place for drink-fueled snacking, Vengo’s latest vending machine innovation is set to change the way customers make vending purchases when hanging out at their favorite pub.

According to Washington Square News, new Vengo vending machines in bars are inspired by TaxiTreats, which provide some last-minute vending choices to cab riders. The Vengo concept is simple–These compact vending machines are mounted to the walls of nightclubs and bars, allowing patrons to make cashless purchases of things such as gum and mouthwashes. These machines serve a far different purpose than a standard snack vending machine, as they allow customers to freshen their breath after a night of drinking, whether or not they are trying to impress the opposite sex. The machine’s sleek design is certainly one that other manufacturers could take inspiration from, and we would not be shocked to see vending devices similar to Vengo popping up around the globe.

While traditional vending machines will always be around, the folks here at USelectIt are always thrilled to see the vending machine business reach new heights!