Smart Snacks for Work

Vending Machines for SaleThe time between meals always seems exponentially longer when you are at work. Your stomach never seems satisfied with what you had for breakfast and snacks often become the answer. To keep you stomach sated and your to-do list progress moving, here are some delicious desk top snacks to enjoy between meals.

Granola bars are easy snacks that can be found in most snack vending machines and enjoyed on the and with minimum mess. While some granola bars contain more sugar and fats than you may think, they are typically a good source of dietary fiber. There are granola bars with less sugar and fats available for stocking in workplace vending machines.

Another healthy and easy snack is to pair peanut butter with a wide assortment of items. Small portions of peanut butter with pretzels, apples, bananas or celery makes for a quick snack that will keep your stomach happy until lunch. Apples are a source of vitamin C, fiber and potassium while peanut butter contains vitamin E, protein and fiber. This snack option requires very little preparation, can be kept at work and has little to no cleanup!

USelectIt also manufactures food vending machines that can vend frozen or cold food, broadening your snacking selection!