Snack Vending Machine Nostalgia

I remember when I was a kid what my absolute favorite candy bar to buy from any of the local snack vending machines was. Nutrageous. I’m not sure if they still continue to make Nutrageous, but I certainly don’t see it in vending machines anymore.

It was a candy bar of nutty, caramel goodness. Its bright orange wrapper used to tempt me every time I saw it and it was hard for me to pick anything else. I always wanted to get something new but alas, I’d always go for a Nutrageous every time.

And if it weren’t Nutrageous, it’d be Twix. Which luckily for me, they still make. Unluckily for me, I ate so many when I was a kid the thought of eating one now brings on a slight case of nausea. Still, who could resist 2 thin cookie bars that were just made for sharing? Not that I ever did though. No, you can get your own.

But when I was feeling really daring, I’d forgo the chocolate and pick up a pack of Warheads. Those things really were sour, something I had sought after in a candy for a long time.  I had tried all other kinds of candy making claims of being able to make lips pucker, but Warheads were the only ones that did. They also burned chapped lips, as I distinctly remember.

Oh, the snack vending machines of the 90s. How I miss thee.