Snack Vending Machines Keep You Going

For a long time, I worked in the world of retail. And it was tiring. We’d have long hours with only so many breaks throughout the day and to keep myself going, I needed a snack. Heading out the door and trying to get one in the crowded area of Manhattan I was working in wasted too much time. So instead, I’d hit the snack vending machines.  Sometimes, it was all I needed to keep going.

The vending machines were the goal for me when I knew my 15 minute break was coming up. 15 minutes was not a terribly long time, but it was long enough to enjoy a snack or an energy bar and get the boost I needed to make it through the rest of my 9 hour shift.

Snack vending machines become a sign of hope, a beacon in the dark of a tiring shift on your feet all day. Let’s be honest, those days are always rough. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with all the customers, keep stock of everything on the floor and be able to cover ground, especially in a large store.  It may sound a bit dramatic, but when you finally get to the machine after a long chunk of your shift, it’ll feel like heaven.