Snack Vending Machines Miss Gator Gum

When we’ve discussed on this blog items that you could no longer find in a vending machine, we’ve caught ourselves leaning more towards soft drinks over anything else. This week we’re going to discuss an item that no longer makes appearances in those snack vending machines.

Gator Gum.

No, this isn’t a chewing gum made of alligators (though the idea is intriguing). Gator Gum was a creation of the Gatorade sports drink brand in collaboration with the Fleer Corporation, the first company to ever successfully manufacture bubblegum.

Unfortunately for Gator Gum, Fleer Corporation wasn’t able to work their bubblegum-selling magic for a chewing gum that quenches thirst.

Introduced in the late 1970’s, Gator Gum was available in two different flavors, lemon-lime and orange, which we’re the two original Gatorade original flavors. However, by gum standards they were considered by most to be far too sour-tasting, and never garnered any serious popularity.

Swell and Vicks were given a long-term licensing deal with Gatorade to market tee Gator Gum. The contract ran till 1989, and after it expired, Gator Gum was promptly discontinued.

Fans of the sour-tasting Gator Gum (if there are any at all) have been forced to get  “Quench” from their snack vending machines. Quench is a chewing gum based on Gator gum created by Mueller Sports in Wisconsin.