The Conveniences of Vending Machines

Remember that episode of The Office where Jim put all of Dwight’s belongings in the snack vending machine? Well, it got me to thinking, Hey, that’s not a bad idea. Office supply vending machines! It’s a million-dollar idea!

Naturally it’s already been thought up. There are vending machines that pop out pens, pencils, USB flash drives, even computer mice. These days, traditional snack and drink vending machines just don’t cut it. It seems pretty much everything is sold out of vending machines — DVDs, toys, entire meals. In fact, every time I tried to come up with something that surely wasn’t sold out of vending machines, a quick online search proved me wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the more strange yet convenient ones.


How many times have we caught ourselves in a sudden downpour, not a convenience store in sight? This is why umbrella vending machines should be on every street corner.


snack vending machine flowers

Perfect for the hapless husband who just missed the flower shop before it closed on his and the missus’ anniversary.


snack vending machine batteries

You want to snap a pic of something, but your camera’s died. Grab a few batteries and you’re all set…


snack vending machine

…Unless, of course, you decide to just get a disposable camera and some film.