The Multivend Revolution

When you are looking at vending machines for sale, you may feel frustrated because of the associated cost. Even if it will pay itself, the upfront costs can be daunting. This is especially true if you were hoping to offer both sodas and snacks. That is why you may be tempted to buy just a soda vending machine or just one of the snack vending machines. However, there is another option available. The multivend revolution is at hand!

What is a Multivend Machine?

A multivend or combo vending machine is a product that allows you to offer sodas and snacks in the same vending machine, instead of requiring you to purchase two separate vending devices. Normally, these machines can dispense both canned drinks as well as candy bars, chips and other snacks. Each machine is slightly different, so look into the options available and choose one that will work best for your location.

Benefits of a Multivend Machine

Since you can offer both snacks and drinks in the same, your employees, visitors or customers can buy the things they want for less cost upfront to you. When you are able to offer snacks and drinks both, you can earn more than when you offer only one. Often when someone decides to purchase a snack, they will purchase a drink at the same time or shortly thereafter. The reverse is also true.

If you are considering any type of vending machine purchase, looking at the multivend options only makes sense. Spend some time browsing the different available types and perhaps you will find a machine that will serve your customers well and help you grow your vending income at the same time.